Monday, September 28, 2009

Santa Keepsake Tote

Santa Claus is coming to town!  It won't be long, and this keepsake tote will be the perfect Christmas outfit accessory!  
I hand painted this tote and fell in love with the holiday season all over again while I was doing it!
The back of this tote has a little girl peeking over a Christmas package, and there are painted surprises inside too!
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Masquerade Ball featuring Hand Painted Keepsake totes by 3pinkribbons

Masquerade Ball with 3pinkribbons and En.Core launch group on ebay!
This fabulous keepsake tote is already listed on e-bay and priced just right!  Take a peek!  There are coordinating bows too!
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Cinderella Boutique Keepsake Tote

The fabulous Cinderella boutique keepsake tote!
This fabulous tote comes complete with Fairy-Godmother dust slipped into a decorated magical container!  Open up this magical fairy dust and experience a bibbity-bobbity sensational day!
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Hand Painted Holiday Keepsake Totes

Noelle Keepsake Tote
They are finally ready!  I hand painted several keepsake totes to coordinate with fabulous designers!  I will post a few pictures here, but you will be able to find them on e-bay during the frist couple of weeks of October!  
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